Food is a common ground for everyone, a universal experience. There is no deeper love than the love of food. And where else can you find a vast array of sumptuous food but at a buffet? Buffets are usually found in hotels, which are intimidating for some and costly for others. That is when Food Club was conceptualized. It was born from the idea of bringing the opulence of the buffet restaurant outside the hotel setting.

       At Food Club, you will be dining in a self-service, market-style setting where cooking is elevated to a performance art. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, from the staple rice of the fields to the crabs and oysters of the Philippine Seas, we take each of our guests on a gastronomic tour through live show kitchens that offer the world’s finest cuisines. Take your family and friends and get on your most spectacular culinary journey yet. Relax, enjoy the food, and dine in style here at Your Lifestyle Buffet.